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How Do I Close My TLC Account?

If you no longer wish to be a Life Changer with Total Life Changes, we require that you send in a written letter of resignation signed and dated by you.

You can fax this letter to 586-684-5992 or scan a copy and send it to tlccompliance@totallifechanges.com.
In the letter, please make sure to include your name, Life Changer ID and date. Once the letter is received the account will be closed after 6 months of inactivity.

If you wish to close your account without sending resignation letter. A period of inactivity of 12 months is necessary to close the account.

Note: If you have any Smartships set up on your account, please contact our office or log into your account to cancel the Smartship. Once the Smartship is canceled it is effective immediately and we will not attempt to charge your account after the cancellation.

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