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What do I need to know about TLC Pay?

What is happening with Payoneer now?


Nothing is changing with your old card. You may remain with the old payment card, should you choose. However, the new TLC PAY card has many advanced features, tools and a state of the art portal to help you keep track of your payments and includes more payment choices.


Is this mandatory to switch over?


It is not mandatory to switch over to the new pay card at this time, you may remain with your current payment method If you wish.


Does this mean we will get paid faster?


Pay times and commission periods will all remain the same.


Why did I receive this card without asking for it?


As a convenience, we have sent the card to all of our IBO's who have earned a commission of $12.00 or more in the last year with TLC. We want you to experience the very best payment card offered to Independent Business Owners around the world. If you choose to activate the card and the payment system we wanted you to not have to wait!


Do I need to pay extra fees?


You will be able to get all these great tools, for the same low fees as our other payment card option.


Are we getting paid weekly or daily?


You will still be paid weekly and the payment schedule will be the same as usual.  We will begin loading the new payment cards on the next commission run if it is activated.


Will there be a fee to withdraw money from TLC PAY?  


TLC will continue to withdrawal a $1.00 processing fee.

All additional fees will remain the same. There are no additional fees.


Are there any fees with this card, like the $1 fee with Payoneer?


Yes, TLC will remain taking out the $1.00 fee. There are no fee changes that are different from what IBO’s paid with Payoneer. Please refer back to the fee comparison chart for exact details.


I have more questions, where can I found out more?


Please visit the TLC PAY Portal HERE


Will there be a delay in receiving payments from TLC if I change to TLC PAY?


The answer is NO, for your convenience, we have already mailed your TLC branded PAY CARD to your primary address on file. You must activate your card once it is received and all future commission will be applied to your new card.


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