Do I get paid on all customer orders?

Total Life Changes™ management has dedicated themselves to researching
and selecting the finest all natural, organic products that truly help others maintain overall wellness.  As a network marketing company, we also know that not everyone wishes to make the commitment of building a business, but so many have enjoyed our products, that they continue to make purchases month after month. You will find that many people you have targeted as reps may only wish to purchase the product, but they represent opportunity. These “customers” play an important role in developing a rep’s business because they represent opportunity in both the short-term and long-term. In the early stages of your business’ development, customers can represent an immediate cash flow from their purchases.


A Total Life Changes representative can be eligible to receive commission from customer orders if they are active with a 40 PV order. All customer orders with volume pay up to 50% commission paid from the volume of the order, weekly.  

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