Why did I receive an email or phone message that I need to verify my address?

You may have received an email or a phone call from us about your order. If we ask you to verify your shipping address this means two things.

Your order has not shipped

Something about your address has prevented us from printing your postage. The postal service checks your address to see if it exists and allows us to print your label if it’s a deliverable address


Sometimes the shipping address is incomplete, as in its missing an apartment number or a street address. Once you verify your shipping address we’ll send your order right out the door to you!


Yes, you can correct your shipping address if you sign into your account BUT YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO CORRECT A SHIPPING ADDRESS ON AN ORDER THAT IS ALREADY PLACED. Let us take care of it. We want you to get your products right away. We don’t want your order to be delayed.


What you can do:

Reply to the email we sent you giving your full shipping address.

Correct your address by signing into your account to be sure that future orders have the correct shipping address. You will need to do the same for your smartship profile if you have scheduled monthly orders.

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