Do I need a minimum order to remain eligible to receive commissions?

If you are working hard to build a business that earns big commissions you will want to know that you must be in ‘active’ status to get paid commissions. This means that there is a minimum personal volume you must satisfy every month to be eligible to receive commissions on your sales. The minimum personal volume is different for each rank.


To begin with an affiliate or an associate must have placed a personal order of at least 40 volume points on the same day as the previous month. Many people choose to use our smartship program to make sure that the minimum volume is always met.


A common example looks like this: A person signs up to be an IBO or distributor and places an order for a one month supply of Iaso tea. This order carries a personal volume of 40 points. Typically a new IBO will want this to become an ‘smartship order’. This means that an order for a one month supply of Iaso tea (or any item that has a personal volume of at least 40 points) will be placed on the same date each month. For example if you’re a new IBO placing your first order on the 5th day of the month, then your next order will automatically process for the same item on the 5th day of the next month and each month after that.


NOTE: Smartship orders use the credit card you have on file from your first order for payment. If your card expires or has insufficient funds your smartship order will be voided and you may become inactive and lose commissions if you don’t have any other orders with a minimum personal volume needed for your rank.



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