When will I get my commission?

Earning commissions is such a great reward for all the hard work you put into your Total Life Changes ™ business.  The more you build, the more you’ll receive!

We pay commissions on a biweekly basis.  Our “payweeks” begin on Friday and last until the following Thursday.  Once the payweek ends you won’t see the results in your back office until the following Saturday.  It takes a week to prepare that information for you.  Once results are posted in the Back Office Payoneer/Hyperwallet accounts will be loaded the following Thursday while checks will be mailed the following Friday after the commission is posted. 

On October 2017, Total Life Changes partnered with a company named Hyperwallet and made available an intuitive new payout system called. TLC Pay, to our valued Independent Business Owners. This payout system provides you with a multitude of self-serve tools, easy on the go access, and automated payment transfer methods.

Effective September 1, 2018 TLC will NO LONGER be printing or sending paper checks from its headquarters in Michigan. You will need to transition to TLC Pay system where you will have several options for payment, INCLUDING a printed check.



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