How do I Qualify for Commissions?

In order to be qualified to receive commissions you must have qualifying volume.

There are several reasons for joining Total Life Changes.  The most dramatic is the opportunity to earn commissions!

The first of two qualifications to earn commissions is that you order a TLC product that creates at least 40 personal volume.  This can be achieved by purchasing a one month supply of one of TLC's products; for example, Iaso Tea™ or Nutra Burst™.  Each of these products has a corresponding volume of 40 that will qualify you to earn commissions.

Remaining qualified to earn commissions on customer purchases requires the personal purchase of a qualifying product with volume of 40 PV on the monthly anniversary date of your previous order. This amount varies by rank. Commissions are paid on the assigned volume value(not 50% of the dollar amount).  A single monthly purchase of 40 PV qualifies you to earn commissions from the retail and fast start bonuses. You can also earn binary commission once you become binary qualified.

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