What is the GoTlcDiet Website all about...

PLEASE NOTE: The GoTLCDiet system has been recently updated. You will need to be a TLC-iOffice "PREMIUM" subscriber in order to access the GoTLCDiet system. To upgrade to "PREMIUM" please login into your back office and click on the upgrade bar.


In order for you to achieve maximum success in your TLC Business, Total Life Changes has created an Online Marketing System for you. The GoTlcDiet system marketing system. Below you will find the advantages to using this system to help you promote your TLC business, We encourage you to first...WATCH THE VIDEO HERE 

PLEASE NOTE: If you had not logged into your admin section of your GoTLCDiet since DECEMBER 1, 2016, you must re-establish your lead capture system, which does REQUIRE a TLC-iOffice "PREMIUM" subscription. Because of the many enhancements to security and functionality of the system, using the GoTLCDiet lead capture system now requires that an IBO carry a "PREMIUM" subscription.

How can I promote my personal Go TLC Diet Web Address?

You can advertise your Web address in a number of ways ... such as to your warm market, search engines, blogs, Web sites, and traffic exchanges. But please note that you cannot use the Go TLC Diet domain in mass emailing. You must obtain your own domain name and have it redirected to your Go TLC Diet Web site.

How can I change my Go TLC Diet username?

You are not able to change your Go TLC Diet username. Please click submit request in the top right of this page to create a support ticket or email and use GOTLCDIET in the subject line.

How do I change or remove my phone number from appearing on the capture page?

Click "Edit Profile", and either edit or remove your phone number from the field and then click "Update Profile Details >>"

How do I change my first and last name, email address, or Total Life Changes Web address?

Click "Edit Profile", and edit the appropriate field(s) and then click "Update Profile Details >>".

Will more capture pages be added to the system?

Absolutely! The Go TLC Diet Support Team will be adding additional capture page designs shortly.

:: Follow Up Emails ::

How many follow up emails are there ... and how often do they go out?

There are three emails that go out on your behalf. Email 1 goes out as soon as the visitor fills out your form. Email 2 goes out two days after email 1. Email 3 goes out two days after email 2.

Is it possible to change the follow up emails?

No. You do not have the ability to modify these emails. To see the emails that automatically go out on your behalf, select the "Follow Up Emails" link under the Tools and Training section.

What happens when a visitor fills out my capture page form?

There are four things that happen:

  1. You will receive an email notification.

  2. Your visitor's contact information will be added to your "View Your Tour Takers" page.

  3. Your visitor will be redirected to your tour page.

  4. Your visitor will receive email 1 in the email follow up series.

It seems as though my visitor didn't submit a real name, email or phone number.

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. When this occurs, please click on their name in your view tour taker section and click "Unsubscribe Tour Taker" and then click "Delete Tour Taker"

A visitor emailed me and asked to be removed from the follow up emails. How do I unsubscribe them from the mailings?

Every email that is sent on your behalf has an Unsubscribe link. Sometimes however, the visitor may ask you to manually remove them. DO NOT IGNORE THEIR REQUEST. To unsubscribe a visitor, click on their name in the "View Your Tour Taker" section and click "Unsubscribe Tour Taker". This will automatically remove the visitor from the follow up email series.


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