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What do the terms mean that are found in the compensation plan?

QV- Qualifying Volume – Volume gained by placing personal orders on your LC account 

PLV - Pay Leg Volume – The Team Leg with the least amount of volume after any carryover is added from the previous commission week.

CV - Commissionable Volume – Volume gained from retail orders.

LV - Left leg Volume – Volume accumulated on your Left Leg by your downlines

RV - Right Leg Volume – Volume Accumulated on your Right Leg 

WLV -Weak Leg Volume –The team in your organization with the lesser amount of volume for the commission week being considered for bonuses.

GCV - Group Commissionable Volume – The collection of all of the CV on one’s left or right legs. GCV is added to carryover week to week.

Binary Qualified - you have an active (40QV or more) personally enrolled Lifechanger on both your left and right leg 

Carryover- Carryover volume is volume that can accumulate on the Pay Leg over time. Carryover volume or bank volume is calculated by subtracting the weaker leg volume from the stronger leg volume. MUST BE ACTIVE AND BINARY QUALIFIED OR CARRYOVER WILL BE LOST. See ‘business tools’

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