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How Does the Holding Tank Work?

What is the holding tank?

The holding tank is where new Life Changers are placed during the current week until they are placed in the genealogy by the enroller or until the holding tank flushes.

 How can I turn my holding tank on or off?

 Life Changer’s have the option to turn their holding tank on or off at any time. The settings can be changed in the back office portal under Change Settings.

 Any Life Changer(s) that is/are not placed in the genealogy by closeout, will be placed (flushed) according to the Binary Placement Preference of their enroller.


When does the holding tank flush?

 The holding tank flushes weekly, on Thursday’s at 10:59 PM CST.

 How does the holding tank work?

 Step 1 - Simply Click on any open node in the binary tree viewer

The dropdown will display all Life Changers that are in the enrollers holding tank.


Step 2 – Choose a new Life Changer from the dropdown

Step 3 – Click the place button

  • It may take up to 5 minutes to update in the tree after the Life Changer is placed.



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