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What is the holding tank & how does it work?


What is the holding tank? 

The holding tank is a FREE feature for any Life Changer who would like to hold off on placing their new team members in the genealogy for the current week. The holding tank feature is immediately available as soon as a Life Changer account has been established.

A new Life Changer is required to select a binary placement preference upon enrollment. The binary placement requested by the Life Changer is where their new personally enrolled Life Changers will be placed automatically only if the enrollers holding tank is deactivated. 

If the Life Changers’ holding tank is activated, any new personally enrolled Life Changers will be placed in their holding tank. Please note, in order to be eligible for binary commissions a Life Changer must have personally enrolled one Life Changer on their left team and one on their right team. 


How do I activate my holding tank? 

Life Changers can activate their holding tank at any time through their i-Office portal under Change Settings.  

  • Note: Deactivating your holding tank will not force anyone currently in your holding tank to flush. They will need to be placed by the enroller or they will be flushed on the following Thursday at 10:59 PM CST. 



When does the Holding Tank flush? 

The holding tank flushes every Thursday at 10:59 PM CST. Anyone in the holding tank will be placed according to their enrollers binary placement preference. 


How does the holding tank work?

Step 1 - Simply click on any open node in the binary tree viewer.

The dropdown will display any new Life Changers that are in the enrollers holding tank. 


Step 2 –Choose a new Life Changer from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 – Click the Place button.

  • It may take up to 5 minutes to update in the tree after the Life Changer is placed.


The volume earned from anyone in the holding tank will not reflect in the new volume for the week until the LC is placed. Any Life Changer in the holding tank will not show up in the genealogy until they are placed. Life Changers should be moved out of the holding tank before they can place any new Life Changer beneath them. 

Example: Jack Smith has his holding tank activated. He just enrolled John Evans. John Evans is now in Jack’s holding tank. Jack Smith wants to enroll Scott Brown, but he knows he wants to place Scott Brown under John Evans Left Leg. Scott Brown cannot be placed in that specific leg position until John Evans is moved out of the holding tank.  


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