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What is the G5 Challenge for May?




Hello, Life, Changer!

Ready for the next Challenge from Total Life Changes!

The May G5 Challenge

Let's Break It Down!


All active Life Changers are eligible to receive the G5 Bonus.

How to Qualify

Inspire 5 Brand-New Customers to purchase a product valued at $49.95 or more from Friday, May 1, 2020, through Thursday, May 30, 2020, at 12:59 pm EST.

G5 Rewards

Life Changers considered G5 qualified for the first time will receive a $50 Bonus, Ten Free Product Samples, a Custom G5 Pin, and a Letter of Recognition. If you have qualified for the G5 Challenge in previous promotions, you will only receive a one-time $50 G5 Bonus.

Always Giving More Than What's Expected

We want to reward Life Changers with UNLIMITED 10-5-2 BONUSES!


All active Life Changers are eligible.

How To Qualify

Send ten product samples. Qualify for the G5 Challenge with five brand-new customers (see above), and personally sponsor two amazing people to join your TLC organization. Certify that you shared 10 product samples.*

10-5-2 Rewards

Personal Reward

Once your account information is verified, you will receive an additional $50 Bonus.

10-5-2 Matching Bonus

Receive an additional $50 Matching Bonus for every one of your personally sponsored Life Changers that meets the 10-5-2 qualifications. That's Right! This is an UNLIMITED $50 Matching Bonus for all of your personally sponsored Life Changers that get 10 to Try, 5 to Buy, and 2 to Fly!

*You will receive an email with instructions to complete a form that certifies you have shared ten product samples. You may sample any TLC product or product combination. The sample must remain sealed. Do not pre-mix any products for sampling. Each sample must remain in its original packaging to be considered a certified sample. You may open a product bag and use an unopened sample sachet (stick) or perforated unopened blister pack (pill) as a sample. Any Life Changer that fails to meet these requirements will forfeit all bonuses and may face account suspension or termination. This is a global promotion from Total Life Changes, LLC beginning Friday, May 1, 2020, through Thursday, May 30, 2020, at 12:59 pm EST. Please note that all qualifications must be verified prior to allocating bonuses. Customer purchases of $49.95/40QV or more must be processed through a Life Changer’s unique replicated website (retail link) to qualify for rewards. All Life Changers MUST be active and in good standing to receive the rewards. Not official until the current period commission run has been completed and accepted by Total Life Changes, LLC. Projected earnings can be affected by return orders, cancellations, and/or transaction fraud. In the event a customer order is refunded or disputed, Total Life Changes, LLC has sole discretion to revoke all rewards. Rewards may vary by location.


Did you know? TLC has been awarded...

A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Two-time Top 100 Global Direct Selling company (2016 / 2017)

Best Places to Work, Direct Selling News 2019

To receive rewards, please make sure that your account information is up-to-date in your Life Changer Portal.



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