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Why Am I Not Binary Qualified?

Life Changers can lose their Binary Qualified status if any of the following happen:

X Inactive (minimum of 40 QV)

  • Life Changers must have a qualifying order on or before the same day as your previous monthly order. If your order is a day late this will cause your account to be inactive.
  • If your order was placed on the 31st of the month, your monthly orders will be due on or before the 30th of each month.
  • PQV requirements will vary by rank. View the Compensation Plan for more details. 

Solution: Get your account active immediately by placing a qualifying order with the appropriate QV. 


X Does not have at least (1) active personally sponsored Life Changer on the left team OR (1) active personally sponsored Life Changer on the right team.

  • (0) Active LC’s Left
  • (2) Active LC’s Right 

Solution: You can activate an existing member on the inactive team or you may enroll a new member, who is ready to join, on the inactive team leg.



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