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How Can I See The Status Of My Personal Sponsored Life Changer's?

This report can help Life Changers determine which members are active or inactive in a specific placement & week. Inactive Life Changers can cause (You) the Life Changer to not be binary qualified.

Your Metrics, which is found on your TLC i-office dashboard, this widget will provide a summary of the amount of personally sponsored active LC’s on each team for the recent pay weeks.



To view your personally sponsored status, click on My Business in your TLC i-office portal,  select Personally Sponsored Team Status report.   

  1. Filter by the week you would like to view.
  2. Select your desired placement to view. 
  3. View who in your team is active & inactive.



If you are not binary qualified, due to inactive members on a team, you can activate an existing member or if you have a new member ready to join, you may place them in the inactive team leg. 


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